Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters starting on October 15, 2018, and must be returned by 7pm on Tuesday, November 6, 2018!

Your ballot will arrive right to your mailbox (make sure your address is updated here), from there you have nearly two weeks to decide who you are going to vote for and turn your ballot in.

You have three options to return your ballot:

MAIL IT IN – put two stamps on the envelope and put it back on your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up

DROP IT OFF – check out the orange pins on the map and see which drop off center is most convenient for your commute to work or school

VOTE IN PERSON – take the ballot your received in the mail, and go to your nearest Voting Center to vote in person

Pick a day for your household to fill out your ballots and turn them in. That way, you’re making sure that you don’t miss the deadline and, bonus!, you can vote early so all of those phone calls, knocks on the door, and mailers stop (WHO you vote for is secret, but IF you vote or not is public). If you want to make a plan, here are a few important dates to put in your calendar:

October 15 – Ballots are mailed out to voters, you should get your ballot in your mailbox at some point this week (track your ballot here).
October 15 – Ballot drop off boxes open.
October 22 – Voting in person begins at early voting centers. Click here to find where you can take your ballot or vote in person.
October 29 – Last day to register to vote and still receive a ballot in the mail (register to vote online, here).
October 31 – Last day that we advise you to mail your ballot in, after this you should drop it off if you want to make sure it gets counted.
November 6 – Election Day! Today is the final day to cast your ballot and make your voice heard. Did you know that as long as you are in line to vote by 7PM, you can still vote? Locations will be open 7AM to 7PM on November 5-6.

Have a question that the information above doesn’t answer visit the Secretary of State’s website or Just Vote Colorado and they’ll be able to answer your questions.